Monday, May 9, 2011

"Gifted" is in print!

"Gifted: The Great Party" is now officially in print!

Short skirts. Mixed drinks. Wild times. These are the things that best friends Yale and Jake are on the hunt for, and the last party of the summer holds the promise of all these things and maybe a little bit more (which may end up being "a little too much"). From new friends to late night trips to White Castle, lots of laughs and some unexpected twists in-between, "Gifted: The Great Party" is one rowdy night you're not going to want to miss. Grab your copy and join the party.

To purchase a copy, please send a PayPal payment to and please be sure to include your shipping address! I'm going to wait until the end of May to place the first batch of orders, so you can expect your copy around the end of June. Payment info is as follows:

$10 for a regular copy
$15 for a personalized copy w/ sketch

Info about "Gifted: The Great Party:"
7"x10", black and white, 120 pages.

I hope to get the Amazon print-to-order option available soon, as well, but for now we'll have to go with PayPal. I look forward to getting these books to you guys!


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