Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Commissions.

First of all, I apologize for my long absence from this site. I've been very hard at work at both my day job and trying to get the first volume of Gifted wrapped up (which should be soon). I promise, however, that the wait will be worth it.

Anyway, I'm sure most of you have heard about the disaster in Japan. I'm not going to go very much into it, but Japan means quite a bit to me, personally (friends, family, etc.), and I'd love to do what I can to help. Unfortunately, I'm kind of tight on money right now, so I'd love to offer commissions whose proceeds will go to the Red Cross to help aid the relief effort going on over there. I don't have much free time, either, so I can't take a whole bunch, but it'd mean a lot if a few people would help me step up for a good cause. You can always send me a message or simply reply to this thread if you're interested. There's no price limit, necessarily, but I'd prefer you try to keep it fair. Hope to hear from you guys soon!


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